What to expect at Cornerstone Baptist Church

With the variety of churches and their varying worship styles, we want you to know just what to expect from our services. The most common things people typically want to know before coming to a church are:

  1. What kind of services?
  2. What kind of music?
  3. Which version of the Bible?

Our Services

Our services are traditional, baptistic services.  What does that mean?  It means you'll expect to hear hymns played and sung, a sermon preached from a bible text that includes explanation of that text and practical application of that text.  We take an offering on Sunday mornings.  We maintain an atmosphere of reverence and staidness.  Most of all we try to reflect in our attitudes and actions the dignity of being in the presence of our holy and sovereign, creator God.

Note: Some churches offer "contemporary" services.  These usually involve music that feels and sounds just like the world's music, "sermons" that rarely, if ever, mention the harsh realities of fallen human nature and their consequences (e.g. sin and judgment), and a "come as you are" mentality.  Consequently, many people who "come as they are" leave as they were, having not been challenged to serious self-examination or repentance of sin.

You can expect a warm and loving welcome from our congregation and a place where you will be challenged and equipped to grow in your walk with God.


The music at Cornerstone Baptist is  traditional hymns and gospel songs from the Majesty hymnal.  We do not have nor do we condone the use of Christian Contemporary Music (CCM).  The music and singing in a worship service are specifically designed to prepare the heart to hear the message from God's word and draw us closer to the throne of Grace.  With it's worldly style, shallow message, and immoral beat, much of what is labeled CCM is not suitable for worship of a holy God. We enjoy hymns and gospel songs that are rich in doctrine, sound in musical style and quality, and that truly extol the virtues and attributes of our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Note: A song does not have to be hundreds of years old to qualify as "acceptable" for a worship service.  Many songs written today are excellent in word and music quality.  

Bible Version

We acknowledge the benefit of using multiple reliable translation, such as the NASB, KJV, NKJV, or ESV.

Note: There are many translations that are unreliable and should not be considered true translations of God's word.  Examples of such translations include but are not limited to the following: Living Bible, Good News for Modern Man, New International Version, Revised Standard Version,  the New English Bible, The New Testament in Modern English, and The New World Translation